Electrical Panel Upgrades


Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to replace an existing electrical panel when the one that you have installed no longer works properly for your power needs. Since businesses and homeowners are reliant upon electrical power for many of their high power devices, small appliances, and heavy-duty appliance, it often becomes necessary to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. Whether the problem is not enough power or the panel simply doesn’t work properly, we can provide affordable electrical panel installation in your home or place of business.

All residential and commercial electrical panel installations and replacements are completed according to local, state, and national codes and guidelines. Electrical panel installation and replacement can include the panel, surge protection, main grounding system, GFCI protection, and arc fault protection.

San Diego panel installation is one of the services that we provide for both residential and commercial properties. We deliver first-class electrical service at reasonable rates for all of our residential and commercial customers. It is important to use the services of a company like ours that has the expertise needed to properly complete your panel installation while determining the proper load for your electrical system.

Reasons to Check into Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

It is important to have your electrical panel upgraded if any of the following conditions exist:

• Your building uses an older electrical system that hasn’t been upgraded.

• You have recently installed several appliances or high-powered devices within the building, and your panel does not have the ability to provide sufficient power.

• The existing electrical panel does not seem to be working properly.

• Signs of excessive wear are visible on your existing electrical panel.

• The electrical panel installed in your home is not UL listed.

Choosing Your San Diego Panel Installation

Due to the different needs of residential and commercial properties, we carry several brands of electrical panels. Our electricians are prepared to assist you in determining which panel is right for your needs. Please do not hesitate to ask about our panel warranties, as they vary depending on the brand that you select.

Older Electrical Panels

If your electrical panel was installed more than 50 years ago, today is a good time for you to ask for a free inspection and recommendation. In particular, the FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) and Zinsco panels have been noted to cause unexpected fire hazards within residential and commercial properties. That is not to say that all of these panels are faulty. However, it is often better to be safe than sorry. Rather than risk an overload that can lead to power interruptions or an electrical fire, discuss your options concerning your San Diego panel installation with an experienced electrician.

Emergency Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

If you are without power and need an emergency replacement, please do not hesitate to explain the situation when you call. While the failure of an existing electrical panel is not a common occurrence, it does occur. Since you want to avoid complications and unsafe conditions, it is important to hire an experienced, licensed electrician to complete your residential or commercial panel installation for you.

Replacing your electrical breaker panel is a project which is beyond the scope of most peoples abilities. Safety concerns alone mean that if you are remodeling your house or extending it, then this may call for an upgraded electrical breaker panel by a professional electrician. H&H Electrical Services inpsects, installs and replaces residential, commercial and multi-family electrical panels for a wide variety of clients. H&H is a licensed lighting and electrical contracting company specializing in the installation, design and maintenance of residential and commercial electrical services including installation of the electrical panel systems you have to protect your home and your family. We use our expertise to bring safety and security to you through the implementation and installation of the highest quality electric panel systems available on the market today. When it's time to take precaution, call H&H.

H&H services the North San Diego and South Orange County areas of California and prides itself on quality installations.


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